ТУ 5728-003-93978201-2008

Graphite foil (TEG foil) is in essence a roll graphite material (both reinforced and non-reinforced), obtained by rolling the thermally expanded graphite.
TEG foil is used as material for production of the following:
  • graphite ribbons (smooth, corrugated, radius ribbons);
  • sealing rings;
  • woven gland packing;
  • sealing gaskets,
as well as other articles:
  • heat shields ,electromagnetic screens;
  • chemically- and heat resistant conducting membranes;
  • chemically resistant lining materials;
  • seals for irregularly shaped flanges.


0,1 ÷ 0,8 mm


≤ 150 m


400/1000/1500 mm

Standard roll width

≤ 40 MPa

Permissible pressure the environment

0,6 ÷ 1,4 g/cm3

Foil density

-253 ÷ +650°С

Acceptable temperature range


The main advantages of using TEG foil for sealing the irregularly shaped flanges, e.g. horizontal connectors of pumps, turbines, and compressors are:
  • ease of fabrication of the gasket involving sticking of the foil with its adhesive layer directly to the flange and subsequent cutting out to the flange contour;
  • possibility of restoration of the damaged gasket by means of “patching” with foil.

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