Spec. TU 28.49.12-019-93978201-2018

The machine is intended for cutting flat seals out of the leakproofing material (reinforced and non-reinforced), including paronite, rubber, fluoroplastic, and thermo expanded graphite.
The machine comprises:
  • Platform;
  • Electric shears equipped with a tool holder with two adjustable movable knives;
  • Movable center to adjust a required diameter of gasket;
  • Spring-rod unit to fix the workpiece on the movable center;
  • Extending bars to increase the platform size.
“KONTUR-M” universal gasket cutter supersedes the “KONTUR” machine that has shown itself to good advantage. After modernization on the tool holder there appeared a convenient scale and a screw for quick setting of the gasket area. Owing to the added electron unit, there appeared an additional (setting) mode of knives’ operation easing considerably the machine regulation.


≤ 1000* mm

Outer diameter of the gasket

80* - 950 mm

Inner diameter of the gasket

7 – 50** mm

Padding gask

220 В / 50 Гц

Rated voltage / frequency

520 Вт

Power consumption

graphite ≤ 4 mm

of the material to be cut

rubber ≤ 3 mm

of the material to be cut

paronite ≤ 2 mm

of the material to be cut

20-70 mm/s

Cutting speed

* – characteristics are given for the base model.
** – you may increase the gasket field to 220 mm, or decrease it to 5 mm, if you cut a gasket with the use of one knife for two passes.



Outer diameter up to, 1000 mm, Platform length, 800 mm.


Outer diameter up to, 1600 mm, Platform length, 1000 mm.


Outer diameter up to, 2000 mm, Platform length, 1270 mm.
Model SVUm-00.000 SVUm-00.001 SVUm-00.002
Outer diameter up to, mm 1000 1600 2000
Platform length, mm 800 1000 1270
The machine may optionally be completed with:
  • “SMALL DIAMETER” accessory to cut out the gaskets with an inner diameter of 20 mm (when ordering, it is designated as SVUm-00.00Х-01),
  • “KOPIR” accessory to cut out with extended precision the oval and rectangular gaskets with rounded corners (when ordering it is designated as SVUm-00.00Х-02).


  • usability,
  • possibility to make flat gaskets of round and arbitrary forms with the use of two knives for one pass,
  • high quality gasket edges

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