ТУ 3925-015-93978201-2011

“ETALON” pack cutting straightedge is intended for cutting a small tool material when making soft gland seals. The straightedge is designed so as to cut a large tool to a required length without preliminary calculations and to provide a preset shear angle of a packing face. 
The straightedge is in essence a П-shaped aluminum profile and a movable locking thrust plate located thereon.

To cut a large tool for armature piston-rods and pump shafts, the straightedge has two special scales with relevant names. 

“ETALON” straightedge is made in two versions differing by geometry and cross-section of a work pack.

Small straightedge
Large straightedge


5-19 mm

Packing cross-section (the difference between the diameter of the packing chamber and the shaft (rod)/2)

5 – 130 mm

Shaft diameter

650 mm

Ruler length

25 mm

Ruler width

0,3 kg

Ruler weight


8-26 mm

Packing cross-section (the difference between the diameter of the packing chamber and the shaft (rod)/2)

60 – 250 mm

Shaft diameter

1200 mm

Ruler length

50 mm

Ruler width

1,7 kg

Ruler weight

Principle of operation

  • To perform cutting, it is necessary to know the diameter of armature piston-rod (or pump shaft) and the required cross-section of packing, based on the actual size of the gland-packing chamber. On the straightedge, match the scale mark corresponding to the piston-rod diameter with the scale mark on the thrust plate, corresponding to the size of the packing cross-section.
  • To lock the thrust plate, rotate the lock screw.
  • Cut the end of packing with a knife to a required angle. In doing so, use a special guide slot located on the edge of the straightedge.
  • Then push ahead the packing along the straightedge body until it contacts with the face of the thrust plate and cut it with the knife through the special guide slot.


Ergonomics, accuracy* and usability, making any calculations unnecessary, allow using the straightedge in any conditions, including the field ones. * – The limit deviation of the length of the cutoff workpiece from the length designed by intrinsic formulae taken as a basis of the scales does not exceed ±0.5% of the workpiece length.

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