Spec.TU 5728-006-93978201-2008

Sealing gaskets of thermally expanded graphite (PUTG) are made from reinforced and non-reinforced graphite material (MGL) by blanking or cutting. The gaskets may be made with guard rings (obturators) and heat-insulating inserts.

PUTG gaskets are intended for sealing in standard types of mating surfaces (smooth, “male-female”, “tongue-and-groove”) of fixed connections, and also for sealing threaded connections and other types of connections (joints) according to the customer design documentation. 

PUTG gaskets are a good alternative to the gaskets made of paronites and foreign asbestos-free leakproofing materials; they demonstrate the best parameters as to operating temperatures, compressibility/ restorability, chemical inertness, capability to seal defective flanges.


10 ÷ 4000 mm

Conditional pass (DN)

1 ÷ 3 mm

Shim thickness (inclusive)

-253 ÷ +650°С

Acceptable temperature range

≤ 25 MPa

Permissible pressure the environment

4 MPa

Specific compression pressure





20% (<1,0 mm)

Compensation of the depth of defects in the sealing surface of the flanges relative to the thickness of the gasket,%, but up to _ mm

25% (<1,2 mm)

Compensation of non-flatness of the flange connection relative to the thickness of the gasket,%, but up to _ mm

1,85% (<0,07 mm)

Opening of the flanges, which maintains tightness (P=2.5 MPa) relative to the thickness of the gasket,%, but up to _ mm

At the customer request, PUTG gaskets may be made of non-standard sizes and shapes. Refer to the article to learn about the list of operating environments where graphite sealing may be used.


The gaskets are made to the sizes in compliance with standards 

GOST 28759.6, GOST 28759.7, GOST 15180, ASME B16.20, ASME B16.21, EN 1514-1, EN 1514-4, EN 12560-1, EN 12560-4

and intended for sealing the flanges according to standards

GOST 28759.2, GOST 28759.3, GOST 33259, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, EN 1092-1,EN 1092-2, EN 1092-3, EN 1092-4, EN 1759-1, EN 1759-3, EN 1759-4, EN 545, EN598, EN 969.

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