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Camprofile gaskets PUTGm, also known as a Kammprofile gasket, Kammprofile, ensures safe and effective sealing in the most heavy-duty operating conditions. Gaskets of this design are often selected as a substitute for metal jacketed gaskets, which are usually used in heat exchangers. 

The gasket is in essence a flat metal base with concentrically cut grooves to form a toothed profile cladded with a soft sealing material on both sides. When compressing the gasket, high stress concentration appears along the asperities formed by the concentric grooves. In these areas, the soft cladding cover quickly acquires an appropriate density, providing an effective sealing. Therefore due to effective stress distribution and soft cladding cover toothed gaskets ensure excellent sealing at a low compression pressure. With a high compression pressure, concentric grooves prevent radial extrusion of a soft cladding layer, whereby a camprofile gaskets PUTGm gasket does not require any limited compression to prevent destruction and provides a minimal leakage in the whole pressure range of operating environment beginning from vacuum to 42 MPa. Owing to a wide variety of base and cladding materials, camprofile gaskets PUTGm gaskets may be used practically in any aggressive environment in a temperature range changing from cryogenic ones to 1000°C.   PUTGm toothed gaskets are manufactured with base profiles of two types: as per standard ASME B16.20, one with a 1.0 mm pitch of grooves and the other lesser-used “deep profile” with a pitch of 1.5 mm.  


10 ÷ 4000 mm

Conditional pass (DN)

3 ÷ 4 mm

Shim thickness (inclusive)

-253 ÷ +1000°С

Acceptable temperature range

≤ 42 MPa

Permissible pressure the environment

10 MPa

Specific compression pressure





15% (<0,7 mm)

Compensation of the depth of defects in the sealing surface of the flanges relative to the thickness of the gasket,%, but up to _ mm

25% (<1,3 mm)

Compensation of non-flatness of the flange connection relative to the thickness of the gasket,%, but up to _ mm

2,9% (<0,1 mm)

Opening of the flanges, which maintains tightness (P=2.5 MPa) relative to the thickness of the gasket,%, but up to _ mm

At request, PUTGm toothed gaskets may be made of non-standard sizes, round and rectangular shape with any kind of jumpers. 


The gaskets are manufactured to the sizes in compliance with standards GOST 28759.10, ASME B16.20, EN 1514-6, EN 12560-6 and are intended for sealing the flanges as per standards GOST 33259, GOST 28759.3, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, EN 1092-1, EN 1759-1.

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