Spec. TU 2573-002-93978201-2008

Woven fabric packing is one of the oldest methods to seal gland joints. Owing to the advancement in the materials technology, including fiber and lubricant materials, the packing still remains a relevant solution for a wide range of modern sealing applications. The woven packing made of modern materials makes it possible to ensure leak tightness when dealing with all types of liquids, including water, vapor, acid, alkali, solvents, oil, petrol and other chemical substances in a wide range of temperatures and pressures. The packing may also be used for sealing against solid particle streams, such as powders.  
The woven fabric packing is made by means of through (diagonal) weaving using 2-, 3-, or 4-way machines and various materials (TRG, PTFE,  aramid and others) and usually has a square cross-section, however, it may be made of rectangular section as well. The packing made by method of diagonal weaving is soft, flexible and capable of retaining a considerable volume of lubricant whereby it may be used for sealing of the equipment having high shaft speeds. Besides, the soft packing may be used for sealing the worn –out gland joints. 

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